Zynga Poker Hack V735 Passwordraradds

Zynga Poker Hack V735 Passwordraradds


Zynga Poker Hack V735 Passwordraradds

Zynga Poker Hack V735 Passwordraradds
V735 Passwordraradds
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Zynga Poker Hack V735 Passwordraradds
V735 Passwordraradds
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What is the difference between “ceiling” and “base”/”floor” in terms of time course?

If there’s a stock exchange with open trading hours or a financial newspaper that provides a 2-minute news summary, what is the difference between the two (corresponding to “base”/”floor” in a stock exchange)?


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Android crashes on receiving a sms

I’m having strange problem with android’s SMS Receiver: when i receive sms like to current time(just a plain text with time), than app crashes.
I’ve found few discussion about similar problems:
– Android application crashes after SMS received
– When a SMS is recieved in the receiver it stops and re-open it.
– same problem
But I don’t found an answer to my problem. I tried to log call stack:
01-16 11:42:58.691: E/AndroidRuntime(610): java.lang.NullPointerException
01-16 11:42:58.691: E/AndroidRuntime(610): at java.lang.StringToJsonArray.convertStringToJsonArray(StringToJsonArray.java:16)
01-16 11:42:58.691: E/AndroidRuntime(610): at java.lang.StringToJsonArray.parse(StringToJsonArray.java:


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Zynga Poker Hack V735 Passwordraradds
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