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Features Key:

  • Course Overview
  • Controls
  • Design Tools
  • Audio Editor
  • CheckBoxes
  • RadioButtons
  • Loading
  • Event List

Course Overview

  • Design – Who is Who, What the Who is and Did the Who Say What?, what has the Who created?, selecting Who or Creation.
  • Scripts – Create and edit scripts, editing and loading scripts
  • Controls – Create and edit controls, editing and loading controls
  • Events – Schedule Events, adding and executing Events, editing and loading Events.
  • Music – Highlight Switches and Buttons, Import Music, new type of Switches, create new Music with a Song and Emoji
  • Zoom – Various assets, Zoom Tool, XPoints, Optimized Vector
  • Debug – Testing and Debugging in the program


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About The Game:

The game is currently in development.
My Games:

the grisly news breaks! ghosts and monsters of all kind have gathered for the biggest party in the world of Eeek! The news is out!
here they come, the few weirdos who still remember that there’s a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ about who may or may not invite to the party.
the party is going to be teh grisly as usual… but what about that party-goer you’ve never even heard of before?
have they slipped in there just to mess with us?
they tell us there’s something wrong with the energy lines?
how the hell can they bbyst!?!
the sickest of them all, who usually dresses as a red-caped Roman priest, has shown up.
but can we count on him to be on our side?
he’s very creative about his costumes. will he know how to put on a costume?
watch your step for the next few weeks. i’m afraid to tell you that he’s been with us since the very beginning.
but let’s see what he’s got in store for us.
i’m not surprised to see him after the latest series… i think i can speak for the whole team as i don’t think we’ll ever run out of interesting stuff to do for the octeam!
he’s long been one of the few members who has actually fallen asleep during a game… we have to wonder if that’s a sign of some kind of sleep disorder.
he’s enjoying the easy life, as only the elite elite elite can!
and he never misses an opportunity to take advantage of


Space Dance Crack Free [32|64bit]

– Controls for running and jumping (generally jumping: w, a; Running: right arrow key, d)+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + – Was a lot of fun to create!
– This game has only one goal to make you cry. If you think something doesn’t work as it should, then you’re thinking right.Beware of the following notes Spoiler game content:
This Game is Crap is a 2D jump and run comedy game that contains a lot of drops to deceive the player. It currently contains ten levels (more are planned) and impresses less with gamplay than with funny ideas. It is ideal to fool friends and good for playing in between.

6/10 – Good4 Fools

Pretty good!

4/6 – Your opinion

So, I had this idea to do some simple game and I have to say that I’m pretty pleased by it, but just the graphics and playability are the things that really stop me. Even if I really liked to play, I’d probably not play more than two or three times before going back to real life.

6/10 – Good4 Fools

Really Nice!

5/6 – Your opinion

Seriously, this is something that I had to make because of a long time not playing, since I don’t have free time for it. I don’t know if you are already with this or not but if you’re interested in it, just try it. I hope you enjoy it.

6/10 – Good4 Fools

Really Really Nice

5/6 – Your opinion

This game reminds me of a cartoon like in the story part, a black guy with big afro jumping through various obstacles while trying to make people laugh. The only problem is that it seems a bit too… ***, with the languages. I mean, who in their right mind is going to read text written in english in-game, and even french is imposible to understand (especially in the first level that I played), so who’s the target audience? I have bad news for all of you: this game is not for kids, nor for 14 years old-like people.

This game has only one goal to make you cry. If you think something doesn’t work as it should, then you’re thinking right.Beware of the following notes Spoiler game content:
This Game is Crap is a 2


What’s new in Space Dance:


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Background: A futuristic
future/nightmarish world.
Escape from the labyrinth of torture,
suffering and death
that has engulfed the strange world.
The normal world was once a pleasant world
where people believed in everything
except one event: the world was destroyed.
After the disaster, they find
an artifact that transported them to a new
dimension, where they must navigate an
unrelenting world full of danger and horrors.
The history of the world:
Over 200 years ago
The civilization with majestic and
corrupted architecture was utterly
destroyed by a mysterious force.
The immediate aftermath of the disaster
brought an unexpected and
dastardly chaotic world.
The experiment that led to the disaster
was to transform the human race
and their neural technology into a
new type of powerful beings.
The experiment failed and it brought death and madness in the world.
But the Wretches, the experiment’s patient,
was still alive and they received
advanced neural technology.
A strange artifact found inside
the Wretches’ bodies transported them to a new dimension.
They managed to escape and hide
their collective power inside them.
Now they are looking for a new
world to possess a new life in.
The player controls protagonist, Taoran,
a Wretch.
You start the game without any equipment
and have to earn money by using your
The player is given an item to protect Taoran.
There are three different types of monsters in the game:
Wretches: These are your foes.
will spawn if you step into their territory.
They’re scary, slow and very cruel.
Each Wretches can control 3 different
weapons from his body:
They will use these abilities to
kill you, break your items or teleport
to your position.
Babies: These wretches are newborns.
Because they’re smaller, they’re faster
than the grownups and their attack power
is weaker.
They can only kill you with
their weapons.
Sinister Ceremony:
Sinister Ceremony is the type of monster that
spawns if the player has a history with
They are annoying because they will
sometimes walk over your dead body and
attack you.
Notable Characters:


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    Battle for the Steel

    Battle Round

    Battle for the Steel is a real-time multiplayer browser game and a great mix of strategy and RTS games. You move a leader unit to capture and hold strategic zones of the map which will give you resources. Tired of working all day? Enjoy using the skills of your units to go for an illicit and unusual experience.

    You can join other players within the same network, or in an online party. The maximum number of players in a party is 9


    System Requirements:

    The following system requirements are based on:
    Minimum System Requirements for Windows XP:
    800 MHz processor (Pentium III)
    256 MB of RAM
    17 MB of available hard disk space
    DirectX 9.0c
    Broadband Internet connection
    Windows XP SP2 or later:
    Video Card: 256 MB or greater
    Sound Card: Microsoft® Sound System compatible with DirectSound
    Recommended System Requirements for Windows XP:
    1 GHz processor (Pentium III) or greater


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