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Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


The game character is in debt, and the merchant is waiting with a vial of medicine. The protagonist enters a small, sealed room to retrieve the medicine when, as it turns out, the room is mysteriously airtight.
Realizing that his predicament is a bit of a pickle, he decides to start a conversation with the other party to get the medicine. In his conversation with the other party, he finds that… the other party was the one who created the room. However, the protagonist found that the other party appeared to have become a victim of a mysterious disease, and that the protagonist was their last hope to survive the disease.
Together, they must work together to find a way to escape the room and eventually defeat the monster or monsters that created the room.
A Retro Games-style visual novel with a fixed-camera view. Lots of cutscenes, followed by a special battle view that allows you to explore the background with combat actions!
If you are looking for a more traditional RPG Maker style visual novel, you are not going to like CPRMPC_ME081_Story. If you like point-and-click visual novels, then this is the visual novel for you!

English | PSD | BMF | XML

Installation | Licence Agreement | Copyright | About

What’s New

2015-12-30:- Newest version ever!

What’s New

– Text in all dialog windows now adjust to the current system language
– Text in all windows of the main map has been refined
– New alternative scenes based on the romantic section (text and images based on the German original version) were added
– Other minor fixes and improvements


FM Series: The Fairies of the Spell (FM -I), is a fantasy and science fiction visual novel with an all-star cast of characters and a changing arrangement of events as the game progresses. It was created as a combination of visual novel and a RPG Maker game, and featured many elements of a classic visual novel in the same fashion as a RPG Maker game.

Starting with a new PC owner, the player is introduced to the main character, Yuri Echigoya, and allows for the experience of events that occur in the main visual novel. The player is offered various choices as to how to proceed through the visual novel, and how it plays out depending on their actions.



Setting: The summer


Features Key:

  • Turn-based RPG with a strategy component
  • Real RPG fans will get the real EASY RPG Maker VX Ace – Cyberpunk RPG ME Perfect Collection
  • Beginners, Hobbyists and Casual Players will also be able to enjoy this RPG Maker Ace – Cyberpunk RPG ME Perfect Collection game too.
  • Description:
    RPG Maker Ace – Cyberpunk RPG ME Perfect Collection Game is an RPG where the player faces other human beings and Monster characters.
    The player is only one soldier in a RPG world, with several other people on the sides and at the back. Players choose character classes and battle from among available MP, EXP, and WEALTH skills. RPG Maker Ace – Cyberpunk RPG ME Perfect Collection features turns and battles, arranged from front to back. The player battles through various battles, similar to a literal battle in a game; there are rolls at the start and end of the battle, and there are more and more skilled characters to battle as the player progresses through the game.
    RPG Maker Ace – Cyberpunk RPG ME Perfect Collection features various content, such as the ability to customize your pets and equipment, and many other additional elements. Many dialogues and cutscenes are also included. Due to some additional features, the price of the full version of this RPG is not cheaper than all the parts of the RPG, but since all separate games in the Cyberpunk series are related to each other, the RPG Maker Ace – Cyberpunk RPG ME Perfect Collection game is a must for fans of the RPG Cyberpunk!
    The updated features of RPG Maker Ace – Cyberpunk RPG ME Perfect Collection include:
    – More customization, like weapons, items, and features
    – More Monster information, including the Monster Information Card Screen
    – More dialogues
    – More levels and objects
    – More status effects
    System Requirements
    Windows Required:
    Operating System: Windows XP
    CPU: Pentium 4 Intel 3.2GHz / AMD Athlon 64 Processor
    RAM: 1.25 GB


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    RPG Maker VX Ace – Cyberpunk RPG ME Perfect Collection Free

    Dive into the iconic world of cyberpunk! There’s no end in sight to this immersive story!
    Episode 1: The Galactic Empire has achieved their domination of the world, however, the one man who dreams of bringing the American dream to the people, Jack Ryan, struggles on with the fight for liberty. After the assassination of the Sixth Bureau Chief, Jack Ryan sets out on his journey to regain his position of power and stop the rightist army from reaching the people. The secret weapon of the empire, however, is a mysterious counterpart, a female cyborg with an unforgettable secret.
    Episode 2: A war broke out on the shores of California. Armed with a data knife, Jack Ryan defends the citizens from the rightist soldiers and their secret weapons. Meanwhile, the rightists were plotting a new assassination attempt on Ryan. Could he avert the next attack? Was it the next in a series of similar incidents?
    Episode 3: James is being chased by a strange man and a strange woman.
    Episode 4: The aliens have had enough of their playthings, they plan to destroy the earth. Jack Ryan must think of a way to stop them!
    Episode 5: Jack is being pursued by an emergency alarm activated by something suspicious!
    Episode 6: Jack Ryan is arrested and interrogated by a secret government force. Does he have information about the mysterious death of a government official? Can he trust them?
    Episode 7: A company is testing their AI on people with the goal of ‘full servitude’. Jack must infiltrate the facility to discover the truth about their shady business and save the people involved.
    Episode 8: A strange device has appeared in an underground lab, what is its purpose? Who made it and does it have anything to do with the recent disappearances?
    Episode 9: Something went terribly wrong when the rightist army was converted into the force that controls the country. Can the government be trusted? Jack Ryan is forced to find the real power of the government, but if he does he will be forced to make a deal with the devil…
    Episode 10: Jack Ryan is a victim of the powers that be. Can he get out of this one?
    Episode 11: The aliens are at it again, they’ve found a way to abduct a city! Jack and the army, assisted by the mysterious resistance, must fight back!
    Episode 12: Things have gotten out of hand! The rightists have captured the entire country and are making the people serve them. Can they


    What’s new:

      RPG Maker VX Ace – Cyberpunk RPG is a 1984 freeware computer game created by Manfred Perren and published by VX Ace, an educational software company. It combines role-playing and action gameplay. This first game of the VX Ace software was released for MS-DOS in 1984. RPG Maker VX Ace – Cyberpunk RPG is not a sequel of Cyberpunk.

      Software has 256×192 resolution at 16 bits, meaning that text is 16 bits in size. Graphics has 256×256 resolution at 8 bits. Game music is composed of 3 channels of WAV (A-grade).

      Selling points include game length, pace, use of basic AI, quick combat, friendly interface, full support, various features, good distribution (self-published) and lots of missions/characters. System requirements include MS-DOS 4.0+, 64KB RAM, support for 16 bit and 32 bit mode. Price is almost free in comparison to this work.

      However game’s graphical story, script-writing, gameplay and sounds make it excellent big RPG for those who insist in it. Though for the private use even at the self-publishing stage. [1]

      Cyberpunk in 1980s

      Cyberpunk is the current term for science fiction stories set in a near-future[2] (typically 1980s) world, where information technology is heavily relied on and people live in computer-generated cities. Genre grew largely from the figure of William Gibson, author of Neuromancer who, from the early 1980s, provided an influential fictional vision of the near future, using the cyberpunk framework as a mechanism for the disclosure of technologies that are part of modern society.

      Cyberpunk was taken as part of a wider wave of science fiction that covered everything from steampunk to space opera. It developed extensive subgenres, including cyberpunk, police procedural cyberpunk, dystopic cyberpunk, magical cyberpunk, head case cyberpunk, and battletech cyberpunk, and gained traction through new markets like video games, cyberpunk art, and the Cyberpunk World Conventions.

      Envisioning a ruined Earth

      Wired magazine called it “grimy, wracked by violent crime; irradiated, overpopulated, the last remnants of humanity are forced into life underground. The sky above is a roiling ash-grey ocean of pollution, slowly desiccating in the searing heat. Day and night it rains, sometimes


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      How To Install and Crack RPG Maker VX Ace – Cyberpunk RPG ME Perfect Collection:

    • First, download the game for free from the link for the download RPG Maker VX Ace – Cyberpunk RPG ME Perfect Collection
    • The.zip or.7z file must be unzipped
    • After the unzipping the file, select RPG Maker VX Ace – Cyberpunk RPG ME Perfect Collection from the prepared directory

    How to Play:

    • Launch the game
    • Enjoy your RPG Maker VX Ace – Cyberpunk RPG ME Perfect Collection

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    System Requirements:

    Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
    Processor: Intel i7 4.6Ghz or equivalent.
    Memory: 8GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1080
    DirectX: Version 11
    Additional Notes:
    Operating System: Mac OSX
    Processor: Intel i5 2.7Ghz or equivalent.
    Graphics: Nvidia GTX 980 or equivalent.



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