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With the multitude of devices with their different screen sizes and shapes, websites with responsive designs are clearly the way forward. Still, a big part of online email marketing is shortly following this trend of responsive design.
MJML is a framework/markup language designed from the ground up to simplify as much as possible the hassle of coding responsive email design.
Clearly understanding that in order to make the most of what MJML has to offer, a more user-friendly solution is needed and, the team behind MJML have developed the MJML App.
Stylish wrapper for the MJML language
In a few words, MJML App is a classic wrapper for the MJML language that aims to make the development of responsive emails even easier thanks to its useful features such as a live preview for both desktop and mobile devices and a highly efficient code editor.
The utility does not require installation which means that you simply need to unpack the archive and launch it via its executable file. Once started, you are greeted by the app's black-themed and modern-looking interface.
Create your designs from scratch or use the samples as a starting point
Upon launch, you have the option to open an already existing mjml file and create new ones or browse through the provided design samples within the Gallery section and start your work from there.
Besides the very effective and responsive live preview features mentioned at the start of our review, the app also packs other noteworthy features.
Inspect the results directly from your devices
For example, the app also provides you with a quick way to send your responsive emails directly to your Inbox to visualize exactly how the final results look like on your phone, tablet and computers.
Please note that in order to benefit from this feature, you will need a valid Mailjet account with API keys.
Bundles a useful set of all-purpose themes
Furthermore, you might also find quite useful the fact that MJML App enables you to export your responsive emails as mjml or as HTML files.
Last but not least, it is quite clear that this app was developed by people who understand how demanding spending long hours in front of a screen littered with code can be on your eyes.
This said, you will be happy to hear that from the Settings section, you can choose from a wide array of themes to perfectly suit your working environment.
Makes designing responsive emails seem easy
MJML App offers all the benefits provided by the robust MJML framework directly on your computer's desktop.
Thanks to its useful features and customizable interface, this utility will surely help you to design eye-catching and polished responsive emails.







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Responsive email design makes using MJML to compose a responsive email fast and easy.
The App includes a snap-to-grid layout for composing a responsive email.
Responsive email design makes using MJML to compose a responsive email fast and easy.
✓ True 100% Responsive
✓ Live Preview
✓ Import/Export MJML Files
✓ Settings
✓ Theme

MJML can be used in: Desktop, WAP, web, Android and mobile browsers.
MJML is also a HTML and CSS based language. It has a feature-packed syntax, which makes it easy for all users.
✓ True 100% Responsive
✓ Live Preview
✓ Import/Export MJML Files
✓ Support CSS, HTML, PHP, ASP, MooTools, JavaScript
✓ One-click operations
✓ Create blocks
✓ Preview in multiple browsers
✓ Support images, including SVG, VML, W3C XML
✓ Support tables
✓ Support media: GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF, TIF, SWF, AVI, MP3
✓ Support common mailto, email, font, font-family, font-size, line-height, letter-spacing and color
✓ Support HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript
✓ Support mark up
✓ Support Events
✓ Support Search, Replace, Clone, Reverse, Split, Join
✓ Support JavaScript, VBScript, Live CD/DVD, Live XLS, Live PDF
✓ And more
The newly released & free MJML App Free Download enables you to edit your MJML files through your computer’s screen with a live preview, add blocks and more.
In this new release we are releasing a new preview version with an improved user interface and an extra powerful features:
✓ You can use the mjml files in a real smart-phone like the iPhone (Safari) and in a Tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Nexus 7 and others.
✓ You can use all the usual web and even desktop browsers.
✓ You can preview your files in all the smartphones and tablets.
✓ You can preview your MJML files on any desktop or mobile browser.
✓ You can also preview your MJML files in your Web-Server in live mode directly from

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Design responsive emails with MJML App – Responsive email design and code editor – MJML framework, Responsive Design, HTML editor, Help files, code preview and export, Live preview on mobile device and PC, All-purpose and more.



MJML is a framework/markup language designed from the ground up to simplify as much as possible the hassle of coding responsive email design.

Ev Nydahl


MJML is a framework/markup language designed from the ground up to simplify as much as possible the hassle of coding responsive email design.

It’s an email markup language whose aim is to simplify the development of responsive e-mails.

MJML supports the major email clients and webmail services such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, iCloud, etc.

No matter how many devices you send your emails from, they will adapt to each one’s format, be it a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, etc.

Live Preview/Design

You can preview your mail on various devices, such as a smartphone, tablet, or smart TV and see the changes applied as you move the cursor on screen.

Code Editor

MJML is designed so that you can build a responsive email, starting from a project in your favorite text editor. You don’t need to rely on any other software.

HTML Editor

Select a ready-to-be-opened mjml file and generate responsive HTML by pressing the Generate button.

Help files

Use the included help files to get to know MJML and learn how to make better mails.

Easy to use

The live preview feature and the direct ability to preview your emails on various devices make the process of designing responsive emails a breeze.


MJML has been tested and proved to work on a wide variety of devices. It’s ready to be used right away.

Today, many customers around the world depend on email marketing to promote their business and communicate with current and potential customers. MJML lets you easily create responsive emails that adapt to different devices and operating systems, regardless of what email service you use.

As an email developer, creating responsive emails is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. If you’re like most of us, creating responsive emails is a critical part of your business.

The best email developers are growing in demand for

MJML App Crack+

Design responsive emails or websites from the ground up with MJML.

Maintain your powerful pixel-perfect image editing skills when designing web and email layouts.

No installation required. Simply run the program and start making awesome products.

Enjoy the live preview on desktop and mobile devices, and tweak to your heart’s content.

View your designs in-browser through our responsive email templates that will maintain their desired look and feel on all devices.

Export your responsive emails as an email, HTML and mjml.

Key Features:

Design responsive emails or websites from the ground up with MJML.

Maintain your powerful pixel-perfect image editing skills when designing web and email layouts.

Don’t pay an email template designer or a programmer.

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What’s New In?

Online email marketing is one of the best ways of generating leads online. With the thousands of companies competing for your online business, you can’t afford to ignore email marketing anymore. But email campaigns are always tricky as you have to make sure that your emails reach the targeted audience, are interesting for them and will not land in their junk folder. As a result, it is extremely important to have a responsive email template for your business email campaign. With MJML App, you don’t need to bother with email design at all. You can design and preview your emails right on your computer and get the same result on both desktop and mobile devices, including phones and tablets. This is made possible by providing a responsive development framework built entirely on HTML5 and CSS3. Using MJML App, you can get the same styling and layout for both desktop and mobile devices. As a side effect, you will also be able to see how your emails look on different screens. In this way, you will make sure to fit your campaign to the screen of your audience. If you want to check your email on your mobile device, you just have to launch the app on your device and load the corresponding MJML file. On top of that, with this application, you will be able to design and preview your email templates without downloading any additional plugins or even software. Moreover, it allows you to generate emails directly from the template editor instead of creating emails from scratch. This feature can make your workflow much faster as you will not need to spend hours in front of your computer writing emails by hand.
If you are not familiar with MJML or if you want to explore the design options even more, you can also check out the free MJML App.
MJML App Features:
1. Generate responsive emails with one-click
2. Preview your emails on both mobile and desktop
3. Import mjml templates from the gallery
4. Export mjml and HTML files
5. Use all-purpose MJML templates
6. Access the live preview without downloading additional plugins
7. Choose from over 60 themes
MJML App Instructions:
1. Download the archive and then extract it. If your operating system is not listed, you can find the link to download the archive in the Official homepage
2. Launch the app and you will be greeted with the interface on your computer’s desktop. If you are asked to log in, simply sign up and log in.
3. From the Gallery section, you


System Requirements:

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