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MixW stands for Multi Mode Multi Functional. It has many useful features, which make logging a contest as a 100% automatic process.
The user interface is similar to the interface of Digi-7 and is based on the Windows system. A small graphics of the different outputs can be achieved using the colour of windows, which can be changed at any time.
MixW has two keyboard functions, which make it easier to type. Two keyboards can be connected, but only one is used at a time, since there is only one track connected.
More USB port
The MixW has 7 USB ports, which can be used either by digital or standalone devices. The USB port number can be altered at any time by right clicking on the ports in the window.
On the front of the MixW is a jack socket for headphones and microphone. Both the headset and the microphone can also be switched on and off at any time by right clicking on the jack in the window.
MixW can be used together with your notebook, mobile and even a smartphone. The MixW has two internal batteries. One for the USB ports, which is charged via the USB port itself and another for the PC. This will ensure that MixW will always be ready to use. The batteries can be changed by dragging on and off the charging ports on the right side.
MixW has a screen LED and a PC connector to charge the batteries.
MixW Features:

5 KHz samples per second.

Digital Horizontal clock.

Easy to change between CW and SSB mode.

Extensive logging.

Logging number and type of contacts.

Logging of Contest Scores.

Logging of Sweep Results.

Logging of your QRN status.

Logging of your hobbies.

Logging of legibility and usable.

Logging of Sporadics and Sporadics contacts.

Logging of the MODE (CW, SSB, Mixed).

Logging of the FREQ (CW, SSB, Mixed).

Logging of the SPEED (CW, SSB, Mixed).

Logging of the LOCATION.

Logging of your ACK.

Logging of your NOW.

Logging of your QSO/SSB.

Logging of the ANDREA etc. (CQ WWDX Contact, Dem

MixW Activation Free For PC

MixW Crack Mac is a free software to manage and edit QSO data on the computer.

RadioRen is a radio program made for automatically tuning and displaying the strongest stations on your Windows desktop. Select stations based on their signal strength and listen while you work or play! It has a ton of functions to filter the signal, play only or skip automatically through stations, fade in stations, and more.

New software developed in partnership with Scandinavian software developers for detecting and correcting Acronyms in text files. Automatically detects Acronyms in any text file and reports them in a human readable way. Most editing tools in the same package.

Dode is a free, compact, elegant, and unobtrusive time and date management application. Designed for easy use on the palmtop, it can also be used as a desktop time and date utility. Shows you the current time and date, what time is it, how long will it be until the next day, how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds are left in a given day, etc. Also shows time zone, day of week, and date/month/year of any given date.

“Spaces” tools are intended to be used to configure full-screen applications when running inside other programs. This is used by game applications which must be run in full-screen. It is based on Xion’s virtualdesktop technology.

GMAP is a navigation application. It uses Gps or WiFi-gps, and can display the track on your PC screen. Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7. Works on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. *Very* Lite (Only a few tools and features).

AirwaySat is a scheduler and tracker for satellite and Amateur Radio communications. It is the successor of Skywave and ClearSkySat. Scheduling and tracking in a graphical way. AirwaySat also supports colour codes for ARRL/RACM records.

TRACKTEC is a program for recording and playing back the communications of QRP CW stations which operate in DIGITAL mode. (32, 64, or 128 bts). Record only or record and play back. Record the audio in MP3-format for easy playing back

A voice messaging program, similar to the Easy Voice Messaging software, only in C# instead of VB.

UWLink is a linking program for the

MixW Activation Key

MixW Features:
Recording Modes: PA and VHF.
Spurious Filter: Manual, Auto, Spurious and CNR Filter.
Mode to Call, Mode to Transmit, Mode to Show Slope, Mode to Show Call Handler.
Transmit Time Chart: Any mode or frequency can be selected.
ATI Meter: Allows you to check your Spectrum efficiency.
Split ROT, Split UTC: With split UTC you can add UTC seconds to your split seconds.
Log History: You can log SDR data in a huge charting tool. MixW can export your log data in CSV format and graphed.
MixW is for QSO Contests as well.
! MixW Main Window!
For mixing modes, it displays the following information:
! Main Window of MixW!
Here are some screenshots of the main window:
!! Main Window of MixW!!
!! Main Window of MixW!!

This application is designed for testing and proofing purposes only.
It is not intended for commercial use and is included as a free software for educational and test purposes.
All trademarks or registered trademarks mentioned in this document or on the discs that come with this release, are the property of their respective owners, who are not related or affiliated with the QST, ARRL, WB2ABN, etc.
If you use MixW or the resources included in this release, you do so at your own risk.
You must use MixW according to these conditions
You must be respectful to your fellow ham radio users.
You must use MixW with only permission from the author of this software.
You may not distribute this software without full and free disclosure in public media!

I am searching for a software like the one I got back in the day.
Tried so far, Channel Master Picture Kit Pro2, Proximity XL, DCX and now MixW! (still searching for a chan for my DXpeditions! 🙂 )
MixW is an all in one package for logging and testing.
It has a lot of auto feature with 10+ modes, can save charts in CSV format,
Export charts as PDF,
Export log in a way that it is graphed in many different forms, i like the web reports.

I want to receive the international sub-channel from 80.2 but MixW has a problem with the 80.2 channels.
Also, I can not received the international

What’s New In MixW?

MixW is a multi mode multi functional software for every day logging and Contests. It has many useful features that make your QSO logging process almost a 100% automatic procedure.
MixW Features:
Logging your QSOs for the entire time period.
Easy to set up HF and LF/Matching DX calls.
Create new log files, edit your log files, show your log files in list view.
Smooth calibration of frequencies for all modes (automatic or manual).
Standardized HEX to ASCII correspondence for technical reasons.
Quick searching options.
Worldwide Database of all BBSs.
Configure your Mode, Frequency, Polarity, Antenna, Power and Timer.
Read write logs, view logs in list view and process previous log files for editing.
Create New log files, edit previously opened log files.
Standardized correspondence between letters and frequencies.
U.S. Slogan

NooB Radio – a tool to communicate with other NooB Radio on the internet (FIXED now – there are some issues still remaining):
“NooB Radio is a simple multi-user chatroom for Narrow Band 2-m, 2-w, CW, CWIS and CWIS automated communication between users.
This way, all your users can type in in one chatroom, and then all of them can read and listen to all messages.
It is still under development, but getting ready for use by you.
Where to get it:
NooB Radio is completely open source. You can copy it to your computer, start it, edit it, fix it, improve it, show your ideas to the developers and most of all: enjoy it.
It is a good way to communicate with others, who are interested in Narrow Band 2-m, 2-w, CW, CWIS and CWIS, when you are alone, or when you are in groups.
How to use it:
Download the latest version of Noob Radio from the link below.
Then, in the directory you downloaded it to, and after download, extract the archive.
Let’s start:
Just press enter, and Noob Radio will start. Choose your mode of communication, and type in your text.
(user, group,


System Requirements For MixW:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit versions only)
Processor: Intel Core i3 1.6 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible, Shader Model 3.0 or higher
Storage: 1 GB available space
Additional Notes: Must use a keyboard and mouse
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.


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