Thinking about selling your home?

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Sellers Guide with Yapidu

Yapidu puts your property in the spotlight , giving it maximum visibility. We provide a complementary valuation of your property, without obligation Expect comprehensive coverage both online and off line at no additional cost to you the owner.  

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Property Experts

The process would start with our community specialist contacting you, discussing the marketing strategies and choosing the right price for your property. We focus on the client activity in each area of Dubai exclusively. At Yapidu Real Estate each broker is RERA qualified and knows everything about the area they represent and can give you, ultimate advice for selling your property.

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Marketing Strategy

Moving on to marketing, your property would be photographed by the professional photographer, these high definition photographs would be used for extensive marketing of the property, on our multiple external property portals, social media, including We advise marketing with maximum of three RERA registered agencies, or alternatively to avoid any unnecessary stress by going exclusive to maximize the chances of a sale.

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First Impression

Make sure your property is clean, bright and accessible to view, be flexible with timings. Take a moment to view property through a buyer’s eyes, first impression would directly affect the value of your property. It’s essential your property is marketed and presented professionally to a high level, for better qualified leads means higher offers.

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Offer Time

You would be notified by your dedicated agent for every offer received. This would be followed by a series of negotiations and will work for you to get you the best possible price, while ensuring satisfaction of all the parties involved.


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Once a price has been agreed the seller and buyer will sign a Memorandum of Understanding/ Form F through the real estate agent and buyer pays a 10% deposit which will held by Yapidu Real Estate on behalf of you Owner till the transfer date.


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Happily, all parties’ buyers, sellers, bankers, agents meet at RERA approved one of the transfer offices in Dubai, which will include the execution of the transfer of title deed from one party to another.


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The extra mile 

We will visit the property with you so that we can give you our expertise,  a second opinion and help you to make the right decision  either way.

Our team diverse skill set and range of expertise is something we are proud of.  


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Sell with Yapidu now

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