Gemini Decompiler 2 🤜🏿

Gemini Decompiler 2 🤜🏿


Gemini Decompiler 2

(GEMINI) A reference implementation of the C language.
. Reverse engineering, disassembly, or decompilation of this software, unless required by law. gemini.Forget social media, the future of journalism is all about intelligent search, says Google.

The Mountain View, California-based company unveiled a new journalism project called Google News Lab today that will help it find the content that will be most appropriate for consumers based on their searches.

“As a company, we’ve been thinking a lot about the future of journalism,” Google SVP of News Sujan Dhir told the US network ABC.

“We’ve been thinking about how the future of stories should be presented to people. We recognise that in the future, a lot of that is going to happen through personal assistants.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen the algorithms that are driving that change and that’s what we’ve been working on.”

Google insists that the company doesn’t plan to “kill” journalism, but the company’s mission to do for internet search what it did for books and music by creating a “magical solution” isn’t exactly a revelation.

Most of the time, Google News Lab will work as an assistant to help you choose the right news you want.

Developers will build on top of Google’s existing search engine, but the product will use its vast data to find just the right stories.

“It’s not going to replace human beings. It’s going to help them,” Dhir said.

Dhir also said Google will never let its users see ads alongside the stories, and it will only use content from organisations with verified editorial standards and where they pay for the right to be on the platform.

“We think that this is a new opportunity and we’re very excited about it and we’re very humbled by the reactions of the news industry,” Dhir said.

“We have partnered up with some of the most exciting media companies, individuals, and universities around the world to come up with something that will change how people read and interact with the news.

“It’s going to be one of the most ambitious things I’ve ever been involved with.�


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