Eugene Schwartz Breakthrough Advertising Pdf 11

Eugene Schwartz Breakthrough Advertising Pdf 11

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Eugene Schwartz Breakthrough Advertising Pdf 11

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replace string in html file from shell command

I have a html file and I need to replace a string with sed in the file.
When I try to replace it with sed it gives me this error:
-bash: sed: command not found
This is my command:
sed -i ‘/InputType/ s/path:/new/g’ example.html


sed with content to a file
In your sed command you are trying to replace a pattern inside a string with new value. But in bash, there is a problem in switching the file current position and assignment to the old text.
$ sed ‘4s/path:/.’ new.html
sed: -e expression #1, char 15: unknown option to `s’

sed works with a file, not with a string.
So it should be the 4th pattern or just the s command.
sed’s/path:/new/’ new.html

sed’s/path:/new/’ sample.html >new.html

sed -i’s/path:/new/’ sample.html

sed -i ‘4s/path:/new/’ sample.html #

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