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CopperLAN Manager is a free open source software that can be used to control various devices, including copperLAN devices, by using USB. The software has an autodetect feature that allows the program to recognize copperLAN devices that come up. This can be a breeze when you are working with embedded devices that are not very well recognized by the OS that they are connected to.
CopperLAN Manager has also got a hardware autodetect feature that allows it to detect and make USB devices.
CopperLAN Manager includes many features that allow you to enable a deeper understanding of your copperLAN devices, as well as how to use it. CopperLAN Manager also allows you to program copperLAN devices, so that you can automate certain tasks.
You can even use copperLAN Management through Web. You can use a web server to display and edit the configuration of all your devices.
CopperLAN Manager Features:
1. CopperLAN devices – We have all the tools you need to identify your copperLAN devices and configure them.
2. WIFI – You can control your devices through WIFI and Ethernet, as well as Bluetooth.
3. USB – Use USB interface to connect copperLAN devices.
4. Audio – Audio devices like USB DACs and mics.
5. MIDI – MIDI devices.
6. Ethernet – Ethernet devices like switch, hub, firewire and router.
7. Timers – Timers
8. Mass Storage – Mass storage devices like USB hard drives.
9. LED – LED lights on copperLAN.
10. MIDI – MIDI devices.
11. GPIO – Arduino compatible GPIO pins.
12. CopperLAN Ports – You can configure multiple copperLAN ports.
13. CopperLAN libraries – You can write your own copperLAN scripts for your device.
14. User Interface – CopperLAN Management can be controlled from a web interface.
15. USB Peripherals – You can create USB peripherals that include copperLAN manager.
16. Auto Detect – The program can find copperLAN device that comes with TCP/IP and one can use your web server to detect copperLAN devices without any setup.
17. Autodetect – CopperLAN Manager has an autodetect feature that allows it to detect USB devices.
18. USB Hosting – USB devices can be hosted on a PC.
19. Drivers – All copperLAN devices can be used with our driver.
20. Firmware Upgrade – Firm

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CopperLan Manager has a proven history and is a professional-grade comprehensive multimedia and networking tool that incorporates all your media devices (sound cards, MIDI devices, etc.) by using a large range of friendly user interfaces. Users can now connect multiple USB audio devices that support their intuitive jack detection, automatic communications, and data streaming. Its friendly interface is also capable of networked transmission which supports 10 Base-T as well as the Link Layer of the CCITT (G.704 and X.21). A comprehensive device driver repository takes care of all your devices and settings.

CopperLan Manager is using the Microchip PIC32C1822M that features a processor with high processing power. Microchip PIC32C1822M processor is the result of a high-performance 32-bit data processing technology from Microchip, the workhorse of microcomputers. And as 32-bit, it also supports 32 megabyte of RAM, more than enough to handle most of today’s applications.

The Microchip PIC32C1822M provides substantial on-chip memory for application and operating code and also provides high-performance peripherals. The processor has a highly integrated PIC18F452 data processing core that has four 32-bit ARM cores and a highly integrated 32-bit embedded high-performance wireless transceiver that can support 2K MAC/MPA, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi WLAN applications.

The PIC18 is a high-performance, low-power, multi-core solution with high performance DSP processing capabilities, a highly integrated security coprocessor with QSFP+ fiber interface, high I/O capacities and a flexible multi-mode interconnect for different applications. The PIC18 is the tool to perform in-depth data analysis and signal processing on-chip, providing outstanding, high performance IP and analog processing.

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PIC 16F1850


The 16F1850 Microcontroller is from the series PIC 18 with the built-in 1MHz Clock Generator and an internal program memory that is organized as 23 KB SRAM. The memory itself can be split into two areas: the first one, approximately 14 KB, is used for program memory, the second

CopperLan Manager

CopperLan Manager is a tool that is used to manage the networking of any and all media streamers (from music to radio) and command from the most simple to the most complex. The tool is used to connect to music & audio streamers at home and control, record and send commands to personal computers. It has the ability to work with any USB capable microcontrollers.
Key features of CopperLan Manager:
-Support for any USB-Cable Microcontroller.
-Precise Control
-Record and Receive Data.
-Reliable Network Communication.
-Reliable Connection Management.
-Remote Control via the Internet.
-Multiple Devices in one Computer.
-Bluetooth support and Wifi.
-Service-IDs to automatically identify devices.
-Support for rich feature…

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What’s New In CopperLan Manager?

Manage your audio and MIDI devices using a small USB to serial/parallel dongle and the accompanying USB-based IP interface. This powerful, cross-platform program is in an attractive, small but easy-to-use package. Developed with and for manufacturers of professional audio interfaces, it allows you to:

— set all your audio-interface devices at once, with dozens of tracks that you can edit at once

— open a file, part of an file, or even multiple files at once and make configuration changes

— change source and destination streams (i.e., MIDI, analog audio and/or MIDI/audio)

— transfer all interface’s data to a server, with the full automation of the interface

— start or stop the various sources, adjust volume and panning for the different sources and destinations

— rearrange the music tracks on a multitrack layout, arrange all the channels in a neat 1-channel layout, or even modify the layout of a given track

— set and schedule the interface with a text file and a Windows dialog

— set different connection modes for the parallel mode, including the ability to set a timeout or a graceful restart of the interface

The unit comes with a CD that contains configuration files for CopperLAN Manager and a Windows-based interface to work with your devices. The companion driver is included and is called your Device Software. It is for the USB-IDE converter.

CopperLan Manager is a dedicated MP3 player. It has a built-in CD drive and plays MP3 files. The unit also offers extensive configuration options and features.Advertising Read more

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