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Our clients and collaborators can count on us at any moment, here we explain why….

Yapidu gave us some good and valuable counselling about issues regarding our former tenancy. We moved to a great place and it all worked out quick and seamless. And with all the small practical issues that always come with a move, Maysa and Aynur stayed in contact and offered their support all the way. We can warmly recommend them.

Soren Ostergaard

Maysa and Aynur were constantly available, kind and helpful when I as looking for an apartment to rent in Dubai. Always with prompt reply to my questions and doubts and supportive with the negotiation together with my landlord. I definitely recommend Yapidu company if you are looking for a new place to rent or to buy in Dubai. They made this process less stressful for me and they can do the same for you.

Monique Oliveira

I am pleased with the service of Yapidu Real Estate specially Aynur she offered excellent advice, answered my questions . Being flexible , super responsive and patient is what we are always looking for when dealing with a real estate agents. We most definitely will suggest you to anyone we know who is selling or wanting to rent a home, you are an expert in your field!

Mariam Osman

Yapidu Real Estate helped to me find a fantastic place for living being very professional and flexible all the time. Specially Aynur, who was very supportive and kind with all the process. I strongly recommend to deal with them for renting or buying in Dubai.

Alberto Gomez Ruiz

I am very thankful I met Aynur I was able to work with her personally and through her company Yapidu Real Estate to find and confirm my apartment in Dubai Marina. Aynur as consistently available to meet each weekend, she communicated clearly and provided me several apartment options for viewing. She was instrumental and so helpful in liaising with the apartment owner to finalize the contract, rent price and other adjustments that I really appreciated, to make my new home much more comfortable, affordable and convenient. I recommend Aynur and Yapidu if you are to buy or rent a new home (apartment/villa) in Dubai. I found my perfect home that met most of my expectations and it was wonderful journey!

Jennifer Arcila

My wife and I last year rented a property via Maysa in Dubai Marina. She came recommended to us and we had a great experience working with her. She is very knowledgeable of the real estate market in Dubai and if was huge refreshing to have an agent who actually cared about us and what we are looking for rather then a quick buck which is often the case in UAE. Since working with Maysa, I have also recommended her to my friends and colleagues without hesitation. Our experience working with her was great and we would definitely recommend to anyone looking a realtor in the area.

Marcus & Anastassia

Maysa introduced us to our current apartment and, unlike some other agents, to continued to act as a bridge between ourselves and the apartment’s owner. Any issues or censern were addressed immediately and relayed to Owner (of which we are also lucky enough to have someone who was considerate and responsive. Through no fault of either Maysa or Owner we will be relocating within Dubai within Dubai in the next a few month and our first port of call will be Maysa to assist us. If you are looking for a home, I can strongly recommend Maysa to assist in finding the right place for you.

Keith Moorton

Maysa is by far the best agent I have ever engaged with, she is knowledgeable and goes to extra mile to provide over and beyond service.

Thomas Rindom

I am so thankful to Maysa, when I decided to buy residence in Dubai I did not know anything on how to do this. I though it was going to be a very stressful situation buy Maysa so professional and experienced that the whole process turned out to be so easy. I got the flat that I wanted for a great price – and both myself and seller were extremely happy with a result. And in a record time I recommend Maysa to anyone who is looking to sell, buy or rent a property. The best person out there for Sure!

Eva Claramonte

Professional and great customer services I am impressed by talented agent Aynur . I definitely do recommend Yapidu for your Realeastet agent in Dubai

Getinet Babu

We had great service from these agents. Aynur was absolutely amazing, so efficient and responsible. 5 stars for her !

Mufaza Asrar

I’ve been working with this agency and with Aynur during my home seeking process. She was always helpful and transparent. The best agency and real estate broker i have ever worked.

Emme Akkoyun

I’ve been working with this agency and with Aynur specifically already a couple of times. She is a great professional. Well prepared, honest, capable and always available. Far better than most of the agents I’ve been dealing with so far in Dubai.

Stefano Sanchini

Very professional team, after 4 years in Dubai I was served well for the first time and who lives here knows what I mean. Sincere, punctual, trustworthy all the times. Always happy for me. Best to recommend.

Steffen Piller