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Aimed more at Bitcoin tech enthusiasts rather than typical, day-to-day users, Bottle is a unique browser that allows users to upload files directly to the Bitcoin network. Those that know some basics about the Bitcoin blockchain, know that these files (which can be documents, videos, images, or any other formats) are permanent, immutable, and can even take on the form of monetizable Bitcoin transactions.
What Bottle’s all about
The whole premise of this browser is that it allows users to surf the Bitcoin network for various content and bring it all together through Bitcoin native URI schemes such as B:// and C://. Before going forward, it’s imperative that readers understand that this is NOT your typical web (http and https) browser but tweaked for Bitcoin.
Designed using Electron and other web technologies, Bottle was created by a team that understood the importance of having a product specifically tailored for the Bitcoin network. One, the Bitcoin network has a different architecture than the “old web” and two, this allowed the developers to add new user interaction models better suited for the Bitcoin world.
Packs a unique set of interesting features
As mentioned before, the browsers supports both B:// and C:// URI schemes. B:// is a URI scheme for public files (it uses Bitcoin transaction ID as the URI). C://, on the other hand, is a content addressed URI scheme that generates URI based on file content and not transaction ID.
In short, Bottle plugs into B:// and C:// endpoints and allows users to “crawl” through the Bitcoin blockchain and upload content as Docker containers using the Planaria network.
Designed to be as user-friendly as possible
Despite the under-the-hood complexity of this browser, its GUI resembles that of most typical browsers. There are basic Forward, Backwards, and Refresh buttons, a typical address bar (even though, please note, that the browsers uses b:// addresses and not HTTP or HTTPS) and a small navigation panel on the right side of the main window. Needless to say, the app also supports multiple tabs.
All in all, Bottle is a unique and very exciting product that, even though is not designed to appeal to the general public, will surely capture the attention of many Bitcoin technology enthusiasts.


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It has been more than 2 months since the launch of the ElectrumX platform, and we’re glad to see that there is a lot of interest and excitement around the project. Now it’s time to start discussing on-chain scaling and specifically, off-chain solutions.
Today, we will explore and discuss the different scaling solutions that are on the table right now. We will take a look at Lightning Network, Raiden Network and’s “Layer 2 solution” – atomic swaps.
Why are we excited?
Firstly, this is an area that people have been trying to understand for years, and there’s been a lot of discussion in the community lately around some interesting ideas.
Secondly, this is a subject that is specifically relevant for “normal” cryptocurrency users. The transactions in the Lightning Network and Raiden Network will be off-chain and will use the existing blockchain. This means that “normal” users will not have to understand all of the technical details of “mimblewimble” or “colored coins” in order to actually use these protocols.
We are really excited that we are able to address these scaling concerns in a direct way that is very user-friendly for most people.
There is a lot of overlap in the ideas discussed on this topic. It is important to understand that they are not completely contradictory to one another.
Lightning Network and Raiden Network
We would like to start off by talking about the off-chain solutions that are on the table right now.
Lightning Network is an off-chain scaling solution that was developed by a team at Lightning Labs that was formed by developers from various Bitcoin and Ethereum projects.
The idea behind the Lightning Network is to add an additional layer between the sender and the recipient. There will be multiple nodes, or relayers, that are incentivized with the payment itself.
So if Alice is sending a payment to Bob, they would need to send the transaction to three other nodes in order for the payment to be final. This means that Bob can wait for multiple confirmations, and this is an important scaling benefit.
However, there are some other issues with the Lightning Network, such as the fact that it is very difficult to set up a peer to peer network of relayers and transactions and this limits its scalability.
The Raiden Network

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Rinzo is an XML editor with unique features such as displaying character encoding of the XML document on the right of the editor, merging nodes, and adding annotations to the document. It also has a built-in web viewer and a JSON viewer.
This application supports both XML and JSON.
Rinzo can be installed for free on Android and free on iOS.


Davide Fumagalli created this product, a great alternative to NetBeans. Davide, who is responsible for all the backend development of the app, has had to create a great tool to be able to work productively and has done a fantastic job.

For those of you who have not had to work with Java, here are some highlights of what you will find in the app:

1. A great way to open all files as you can choose them directly from the left panel of the main window

2. A project manager

3. A simple way to handle external libraries

4. A full overview of class packages

5. An integrated text editor

6. XML Schema validator

7. An integrated JSON editor

8. Manage annotations

9. Files included are uncompressed.

10. A tree based class browser

11. A full control of files included

12. Copy class files, view schemas

13. Install plugins

The tool includes an XML editor, a JSON editor, a schema validator, a class browser, a tree browser, and many more features.

It’s a great tool, very useful if you need to develop a Java application from the scratch.

It’s not an IDE but more like a tool that helps you to develop Java applications.

Many features are provided to help you to code: a tree-browser to locate your classes; a parser/editor; a source code inspection; a database-like support to import and save files; a text editor with syntax highlighting; and much more.

This is an interesting tool to develop Java desktop applications, which can be easily used on both Mac and Windows systems. It includes a wide variety of functionalities that allow you to view and modify many types of files, but the most interesting part is that it’s completely free and open source. It’s worth a try.

Designed for the development of mobile applications, this software allows the creation of iOS and Android apps from a single platform.

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This is Bottle, a native Bitcoin browser.
Bottle is the first native Bitcoin browser and it brings you new ways to share and interact with Bitcoin.
Powered by Electron, Bottle is a full-featured browser for the Bitcoin network.
Bottle’s intuitive interface can act as a gateway to all the cool things happening in the Bitcoin world.
It’s easy to set up, install and run.

Everything in your life is data, your files, your contacts, your money, your addresses, everything. It is all data. – Surveillance

Data is the new oil, and while we’re not talking about the kind of oil that we used to, we’re talking about the kind that modern technology requires for our modern life. The demand for data storage is growing and is likely to keep growing as time passes. The competition for data storage is rising and so is the need for new solutions to store and process it.
There is a slight confusion when it comes to data storage solutions. It is usually treated as a twofold problem:
1. Secure storage of data: so that even if the worst happens, we can trust that our sensitive data will remain private. This can be achieved using solutions such as password-protected USB keys or so-called cold wallets.
2. Storing data: in which case, we’re usually left with no choice but to store data on our hard drives. And why wouldn’t we? We have to, we don’t have anything else. This is especially true in the age of big data where we are all required to store our data somewhere – somewhere that we can trust.
The problem with both of the above solutions is that they are not free, either in terms of time or money. USB keys and wallets are either too bulky to carry around or too expensive to be used on a regular basis. The only solution to this problem is a data solution that would not only store data securely and also has a very small carbon footprint. And we do mean small, because if we take the whole of the world into account, we are talking about a very small number.
It is, as you might have guessed, with that kind of data and so many requirements for it, that we are likely to see the emergence of the blockchain.
The blockchain can actually be described as a data storage solution as well. It’s actually the first solution that came into our picture. The blockchain is the

What’s New in the Bottle?

Bottle is a unique and very exciting product that, even though is not designed to appeal to the general public, will surely capture the attention of many Bitcoin technology enthusiasts.
This is the official Bottle repository. If you’ve got any questions, comments or contributions, please send them to the Official Github repo:
## What is Bottle?
Bottle is a file uploader browser built using Electron framework. With Bottle, you can browse through a list of local files and upload them to the Bitcoin network. Just point your browser to a web or Bitcoin URI, and Bottle will fetch the file and upload it to the network.
## What it does?
Here is a list of what Bottle can do for you:
* Browse the web
* Run Linux containers
* Browse public files (B://)
* Upload files to the Bitcoin network (C://)
## How to Install Bottle
* Install Bottle globally:
> brew install bottle
* Install Bottle locally:
> git clone
## How to use Bottle
* Point your browser to a web URI and Bottle will fetch the content
* Point your browser to a Bitcoin URI and Bottle will upload the content
* Point your browser to a Bitcoin URI with an upload address and Bottle will upload the file to that upload address
## Setup
Please check out the setup instructions in the README:
## Are there any limitations?
Bottle is NOT intended to be used by the average user. There are a few limitations, however, that are well documented in the README.
* Bottle does not implement Tor Browser’s onion-routing feature
* Bottle cannot handle any common file formats
* Bottle cannot handle any secure communication
## What about Tor?
Bottle does not support onion-routing. For more information, please visit:
## Features
* File uploads to the Bitcoin network (C://)
* List local files in browser and upload to the Bitcoin network (B://)
* Supports multiple files
* Supports multiple tabs
* Supports Linux containers
* Supports URIs as either web or Bitcoin addresses
* Uses Electron framework
* Supports multiple upload addresses
* Compatible with Electron renderer (WebGL)
* Compatible with Electron platform
* Can run as a service
* Can run on Windows
* Can run on OSX
* Can run on Linux
* Can run on Android
## Bugs
If you spot a bug, please report it to:
* Github:

System Requirements:

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system (including virtualization)
OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.8 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000, NVIDIA GeForce 460 (GTX 460), or AMD Radeon HD 5770
Storage: 10 GB available hard disk space
Additional Notes: The program is fully compatible with older operating systems, including Windows 7 (32-bit) and Windows 8 (32-bit and 64

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