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Photoshop is an excellent, robust, program and a great tool for everyone, and it’s something anyone can pick up.

The only drawback to it is that Photoshop is a large and fairly complex program — perfect for professional photographers or graphic designers, but a huge task for nonprofessional users.

You may be wondering, “Why is Photoshop the best image-editing program?”

Better Image Editing Software

Below are some alternatives to Photoshop that are better suited to users who aren’t professional photographers or graphic artists.

Image quality is one major factor to consider when choosing between image-editing software.

As stated earlier, Photoshop has been the industry standard for manipulating raster images. This is because it is able to manipulate image quality in such a way that it makes photos and images look almost perfect, and it’s the best.

However, it’s not the only option to pursue.

Other software offers better image quality.

We found that the following edited images look better than the original ones.

Adobe Photoshop

Below are the original images, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Image quality is a major factor to consider when choosing between image-editing software.

Artificial Intelligence

AI (artificial intelligence) is a programming logic with which computers can behave in a manner similar to how humans behave and work.

With this kind of technology, AI can be used to create robots and other types of Artificial Intelligence that are already working in a wide range of areas, including healthcare, business, law and law enforcement.

For image-editing software, AI is an excellent, often-neglected feature, and one worth exploring if you want to work on image editing.

To give an example of how AI can be a useful feature in image-editing software, let’s take a look at some of the more advanced AI programs out there.


Origami is an AI program from Microsoft that manipulates images to achieve various artistic effects. It works best with Microsoft’s Office 365, but it can be used in other programs as well.

Essentially, Origami is designed to create 3D images, to animate them and to give them effects like motion blur, glow, and brightness.

Opacity is a major characteristic of layered editing programs like Photoshop, but the various effects that can be achieved with AI add an extra layer of richness to a photo’s overall effects

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A standard Photoshop Elements file has layers. This allows you to have a custom template to organize and group your images. Custom templates can be saved as Presets that can be loaded and used again.

The “Adjustments” panel (Fig.1) has tabs for the white balance, saturation, contrast, and many other adjustments. The tabs are labeled with the names of those adjustments in Elements’ menus.

When you are editing an image in Photoshop Elements and you need to access some specific settings from other panels in the program, you can use the “Windows” menu (Fig.2). To access a panel and use its settings, you can either find the menu entry in the side bar or find a template that contains that panel.

You can use the “Gesture Controls” (Fig.3) to navigate Elements without using your keyboard. A control on the left side of the window represents the left mouse button; the down-pointing triangle represents the middle button and the right side of the window represents the right mouse button. You can click on, drag and resize controls with your mouse. You can also use one of the built-in gesture controls. Hold the middle mouse button (the arrow pointing down) and drag to create a new layer. Release the middle mouse button to insert the new layer at the top of the selected area.

The “Image” menu (Fig.4) has sub-menus for creating or editing layers, filters, frames, text, and effects, and files.

When you add a file to a photo or graphic, it automatically creates a new layer. When you add a new layer, Photoshop Elements places the image on the new layer.

The “File” menu (Fig.5) has sub-menus for adding images, creating and saving new layers, moving layers around on the page, changing fill and stroke attributes for each layer, adding text to the layer, saving your files in various file formats, and using the tools for change the adjustments and control for each layer and each image. You can zoom in and out using the + and – keys on your keyboard or mouse, or use the Zoom tool on the Tools bar (Fig.5).

The “Window” menu (Fig.6) has sub-menus for switching between different workspace windows,

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